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Encapsulating Biology, Transforming Discovery. #SphereFluidics is developing picodroplets and single cell analysis systems and services for therapeutic discovery.

Biopharmaceutical, lab-on-a-chip, cells, antibodies, microfluidics, enzymes, cancer, biologics, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, life sciences, immunology, oncology, cell therapies, and stem cells

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08/06/2017   Sphere Fluidics Launches Pico-Wave™ - a novel diluent...more
31/05/2017   Sphere Fluidics signs up Japan Distributor: Single Cell Technology Corporation...more
25/04/2017   Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult cites Sphere Fluidics project as a Case Study...more
18/04/2017   Sphere Fluidics sets up its new Scientific Advisory Board...more
13/04/2017   Sphere Fluidics joins the BioPartnership programme...more

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