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Our Work

Over the past years, we have successfully worked with multiple organizations to bring professionals together. Our company led and participated in multiple conferences and exhibitions across the globe. Find out how we helped others in key conferences around the world.

BioPartner UK has led delegations of up to 32 companies to Barcelona (3), Milan, Amsterdam, Turin, Paris and Stockholm. Each company registered through BioPartner has benefited from a substantial discount on the entry fee, and we managed TAP grant applications for 22 and 26 companies in 2010 and 2011, totalling £48,800. We organise the UK exhibition stand, providing a focal point for the delegation as well as promotion of individual companies through logo placement and literature display. Further opportunities include discounted presentation slots at the conferences and networking opportunities.

If you would like to join our next delegation, and for more information on the UK companies that took part in these delegations, check our dedicated webpage.


– Excellent support and facilitation

– Organisation and support from BioPartner was impressive

– Biopartner really help to raise our profile, and go out of their way to help us make relevant connections

– Excellent assistance which enabled us to 100% focus on the business partnering

– Congratulations on a fantastically organised UK delegation in Barcelona, it was an honor to be a part of it

BioPartner has led delegations of between 15 and 40 companies to BIO-Europe since 2009: in Vienna (2), Munich, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, and Cologne. We make all the arrangements, including delegate registration and payments, and have processed TAP grant applications totalling £222,000. Benefits taken up by members of the delegation include discounted event fees and hotel accommodation, a welcome briefing, literature display, and company profile at the UK pavilion, enhanced profile in the online and printed directory. Here are some of our delegates’ comments:

– BioPartner very effectively provide a base and invaluable support to companies

– BioPartner’s assistance was invaluable

– The assistance I received in obtaining further savings and additional advantages was exceptional.

– BioPartner staff – A top class act! Always on hand to give quality information and assistance

Bio-Europe 2016 feedback:

    • First event with BioPartner and will definitely not be the last.

Bio-Europe 2015 feedback:

      • BioPartner was a great help both before and during BioEurope 2015 – Dora Wirth
      • Smooth, seamless support from BioPartner UK. Thank you everyone – IDACO
      • Another excellent job by the BioPartner team – Clinical Network Services (UK) Ltd
      • The work the BioPartner team do to provide hotel & logistic support makes the sole purpose for the vendor very easy to concentrate on conducting business. Cannot recommend their work enough – Fusion Antibodies

Bio-Europe 2014 feedback:

      • Thank you for supporting our attendance, helping us to access funding and a presentation slot. We look forward to being part of future delegations with BioPartner.
      • The BioPartner UK staff were very helpful and genuinely wanted everyone to get the best out of the meeting. They made every attempt to ensure that the delegates were accommodated.
      • The Biopartner team did a fantastic job yet again in making this a successful event. We look forward to joining the next UK delegation organised by BioPartner.
      • BioPartner helped us to obtain valuable funding for this event and also additional help through Bionow. Without this help we certainly would not have had such a success at the event. It’s great to have a central meeting point and the added benefit of introductions from BioPartner to others in the network.
      • I was very pleased to be part of the UK delegation, and found this provided an excellent focal point to meet new potential clients and collaborators. The breakfast meeting was particularly useful and I look forward to hopefully participating at future events coordinated by BioPartner.

Working with the Canadian network, Life Sciences BC, we organised and led the first UK delegation to BioPartnering North America, which was held in Vancouver, between 29 February and 1 March 2011. This 10th edition of BPN welcomed 800+ delegates, including 497 companies from 28 countries. Our UK Delegation included CDSS (now renamed Illingworth Research), Domainex, Oxford Expression Technologies, Q-Chip and others. We distributed £6,000 of TAP grant funding, and in both 2011 and 2012, 14 companies took up our discounts and subsidised conference package.

Working with ASEBIO, the Spanish Bioindustry Association, we organised and led the first ever UK delegation to BIOSPAIN in Pamplona, Navarra, and followed up repeat visits to the conference in Bilbao September 2012, 2016 and Santiago de Compostela in 2014. Our UK Delegation enjoyed a packed conference agenda with breakout sessions, an exhibition hall, investment track and 1:1 partnering meetings. Members of the Delegation were both surprised and delighted by the range and depth of commercial leads presented by the Spanish lifescience sector, and our links have been strengthened by Spanish delegations to the Anglonordic Life Science Conference held in London each year.

Click here for our press release

BioPartner UK supports the UK Life Science sector by working collaboratively with other stakeholders through the United Life Sciences group. The UK BioIndustry Association (BIA) leads on policy, for example surveying SMEs and lobbying government through the Life Sciences Manifesto 2015-20. Read about the development of the key sector asks and needs for Parliament here. BioPartner UK members shared their experiences of company growth through the Biomedical Catalyst Fund(BMC). In Hamburg during BIO-Europe 2012, two member companies joined UK Trade & Investment representatives at a seminar to share their experiences. Download the seminar notes and slides from Arecor and Domainex here.

Working with Ezenze, MS Ventures, Innovation Norway, and Business Sweden, BioPartner co-organises the annualAnglonordic Life Science Conference, and provides technical support.

BioPartner is a committee member of the Sponsors Alliance, which assists UK SME companies to lobby the government and opposition on International Trade. In particular, the Alliance focuses on improving the funding available for overseas exhibitions to enable the UK to promote itself in overseas markets.

Our 4th Annual Dinner and Discussion Forum was held in the summer of 2012 at Mottram Hall in the North West of England and focused on the risks and benefits of starting to do business in BRIC countries. View the report on the discussion:128kb pdf

Our 3rd Annual Dinner and Discussion Forum took place on Tuesday 21st June, 2011 in Nottingham. The Discussion Forum hosted by BioCity was entitled “Going to America”. With BIO starting a few days later, our panel-led discussion focused on the merits – or otherwise – of setting up in the US. View the report on the discussion

Our 2nd Annual Dinner and Discussion Forum took place on Thursday 8th July at the historic Ettington Park, a spectacular neo-Gothic mansion near Stratford-on-Avon. View the report on the discussion. Click here for photographs

Our Inaugural Annual Dinner and Discussion Forum took place on Thursday 30th July 2009 at the historic Weston Manor Hotel. View the report on the discussion.

Run by BioPartner for 6 consecutive years on behalf of UK Trade & Investment, BBE was the only full-day partnering conference for the Life Sciences in the UK, uniquely placed as a free event for cross-sector business interactions. The event was designed to maximise international interactions for UK companies: using the special configuration functions of our Meeting Mojo™ online partnering software, we ensured that UK company delegates who attended BBE were automatically given exclusivity when requesting meetings with international visitors.

BioPartner is a founder and executive committee member of the UK BiotechNet group of experts.
We co-ordinate this expanding pool of expertise, providing an informal resource for start-ups and overseas companies locating into the UK.

BioPartner is a founder of Meeting Mojo 1:1 meetings software. This inexpensive, easy to use system saves time for event managers and is used across the globe in several languages.

Biotechnology Business Exchange, UK Medicon Valley Bioscience Alliance, UK BioEntrepreneurial Company of the Year Awards, Anglonordic Life Science Conference.

Review, research and written contributions to marketing materials and media articles e.g.

BioPartner is an accredited trade organisation (Trade Challenge Partner) subject to terms and conditions. Any claims to discounts, offers and invitations are subject to availability. Find out more about what we do by touring this website, or contact us