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21/06/2017   Arcinova joins the BioPartnership programme...more
06/06/2017   OFX reports civil servants advised to prepare for hung parliament...more
12/05/2017   Embassy Freight Services joins the BioPartnership programme...more
13/04/2017   Sphere Fluidics joins the BioPartnership programme...more
11/04/2017   Bioscience and health technology database: annual report 2016 launched...more
10/04/2017   Sareum joins the BioPartnership programme...more
06/04/2017   Funding competition: biomedical catalyst 2017 round 2 late stage...more

Partner Newsletters

Welsh Government Life Sciences sector news-issue 9...more
UK BioIndustry Association blog...more
Bionow Newsletter...more
MediWales Monthly Update...more
One Nucleus ON Highlights ...more
Scottish Enterprise...more

Members News

20/06/2017   Almac Discovery and Debiopharm Announce Licensing Agreement for Novel Wee-1 Inhibitor...more
19/06/2017   Almac Group Recognised as Top 50 Company for Transatlantic Operations...more

16/06/2017   Horizon Discovery’s RNA reference standards endorsed in White Paper...more

16/06/2017   Meet the Illingworth Research team at WCICT Manchester & at BIO in San Diego...more

14/06/2017   Domainex expands partnership with Imperial to reduce heart attack muscle damage...more

14/06/2017   Almac Group Awarded U.S. Patents for DDRD Assay...more

14/06/2017   XenoGesis Reports Third Year of Export Growth...more

14/06/2017   Horizon Discovery Announces Progress for Contract Service and Therapeutic Programme...more

13/06/2017   TTP plc and Innova Biosciences extend point-of-care diagnostics partnership...more

13/06/2017   Abzena Full year results: integration and growth across the Group...more

12/06/2017   Medherant shortlisted for RSC Emerging Technologies competition...more

08/06/2017   Chiltern Releases Medidata Rave® Value Accelerators...more

08/06/2017   Sphere Fluidics Launches Pico-Wave™ - a novel diluent...more

06/06/2017   Medherant appoints Sheryl Caswell as Head of Clinical Development...more

06/06/2017   Abzena notes Bioverativ announcement to acquire True North Therapeutics including TNT009...more

06/06/2017   Glythera launches £1m Innovate UK project to develop ADCs...more

05/06/2017   Sareum notes Sierra Oncology announcement of Chk1 inhibitor SRA737 encouraging...more

02/06/2017   Censo Biotechnologies publish Application Note in Nature Methodse...more

01/06/2017   SelectScience Editorial Article: Insights into Sygnature Discovery...more

01/06/2017   ATUM and Horizon Discovery Announce Collaboration and Technology Cross-License...more

31/05/2017   Masters Speciality Pharma reports changes to deflazacort supply in the US...more

31/05/2017   Sphere Fluidics signs up Japan Distributor: Single Cell Technology Corporation...more

31/05/2017   Chiltern Acquires Japanese CRO Integrated Development Associates...more

31/05/2017   Sareum notes Sierra Oncology announcement of patents for Chk1 inhibitor SRA737...more

26/05/2017   Horizon Discovery introduces four BRAF resistant melanoma PDX models...more

26/05/2017   Embassy Freight explains the new REX-system (Registered Exporter)...more

25/05/2017   Image Analysis Group Announces FDA Clearance for Dynamika Platform...more

25/05/2017   Welocalize Life Sciences offers tips for selecting the right language services provider...more

23/05/2017   Custom Pharma’s laboratory extension is complete!...more

22/05/2017   Launch of Censo Biotechnologies summer intern programme...more

22/05/2017   Horizon Discovery Announces New Gene Editing Technology Platform for R&D...more

19/05/2017   Image Analysis reports on Drug Development in Osteoarthritis...more

19/05/2017   Domainex Signs Multi-Year Agreement with Dotmatics to Streamline Services...more

17/05/2017   Albumedix will host a webinar titled: When Standard Formulation Strategies Fail...more

16/05/2017   Cello Health today announces the rebranding of its European communications offerings...more

16/05/2017   Sygnature Discovery one of London Stock Exchange’s 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain...more

16/05/2017   PCI Clinical Services Begins Move-In Phase of Bridgend Expansion...more

12/05/2017   Illingworth Research reports on Medical Photography Capture Options...more

11/05/2017   Mironid CSO published in Journal of Clinical Investigation (JCI)...more

09/05/2017   Horizon Discovery provides Immuno-Oncology platform update ...more

08/05/2017   Medherant Appoints its Transdermal Drug Delivery Patch Manufacturer...more

03/05/2017   Innova Biosciences adds Alexa Fluor® 488 to Lightning-Link® range...more

02/05/2017   See the new Innova Biosciences newsletter...more

02/05/2017   Sygnature Discovery enhances Biophysics capability...more

28/04/2017   XenoGesis to join panel at ON Helix Welcome Reception...more

26/04/2017   Meet Cello Health’s Early Asset Development and Commercialization Experts...more

26/04/2017   Abzena intends to invest £5 million at its Bristol PA facility...more

26/04/2017   Abzena intends to invest £12 million at its San Diego facilities...more

25/04/2017   Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult cites Sphere Fluidics project as a Case Study...more

24/04/2017   Censo Biotechnologies joins The Milner Institute as an Affiliated Partner...more

21/04/2017   Sygnature Discovery receives a prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise...more

21/04/2017   SQN Recognised with Queen’s Award for Innovation 2017...more

21/04/2017   Image Analysis Group share $585,000 Innovate UK grant for MRI brain tumour biomarkers...more

20/04/2017   Almac Group Announces Publication of Prostate Cancer Metastatic Assay Validation...more

19/04/2017   Illingworth Research Nurses Excel in Oncology Trial...more

19/04/2017   Custom Pharma Services’ update on new manufacturing facility in Brighton...more

18/04/2017   Sphere Fluidics sets up its new Scientific Advisory Board...more

19/04/2017   Synpromics raises £5.2m of new investment...more

11/04/2017   Horizon Discovery links Acquisition of Agalimmune with Avvinity Therapeutics potential...more

09/03/2017   mdgroup and Illingworth Research Group form strategic partnership...more

07/04/2017   Sygnature Discovery ranked in the Financial Times FT1000f fastest growing companies list...more

06/04/2017   Welocalize article: Clinical Trials...more

06/04/2017   MGB Biopharma Closes $1 million Financing Round...more

05/04/2017   Innova Biosciences Introduces Biotin Check&Go! Kit...more

05/04/2017   Abzena plc to raise £25 million by a Placing to expand capacity...more

04/03/2017   Illingworth Research Group Hires in Australia...more

03/04/2017   CenterWatch Global Investigative Site Survey ranks Chiltern in top 3...more

03/04/2017   LucyJRobertshaw at Future of Swedish and Danish Life Science...more

04/04/2017   Glythera demonstrates improved activity and safety of PermaLink®-based ADCs...more

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