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Domainex is a Cambridge-based UK biotech company, which operates a hybrid business model. This model enables revenue generation through its services business/ CRO, in parallel with the development of an internal drug discovery pipeline. This model significantly reduces the investment requirements, when compared with biotech companies more broadly, and enables a significant in-house capability to be maintained.

Domainex's drug discovery services business was established in 2001 and since that time has continued to expand to serve a wider range of clients across the world, including UCB, FORMA Therapeutics, St George's University, The Institute of Cancer Research and Auspherix. It has a superb success record for a company of 35-40 people, delivering on average one candidate drug every year for the past six.

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News Archive

14/07/2020   Invivoscribe Licenses Small Molecule Inhibitors from Domainex for AML Treatment...more
02/06/2020   Domainex appoints Dr Eddy Littler as non-executive Chairman...more
25/02/2020   LUNAC Therapeutics selects Domainex as strategic drug discovery partner...more
13/02/2020   Domainex announces the appointment of Tom Mander as Chief Executive Officer...more
23/01/2020   Domainex announces French accreditation...more
23/01/2020   Domainex wins award to develop GPCR drug discovery technology...more

09/07/2019   Domainex launches FragmentBuilder micro website
26/04/2019   Medicines Discovery Catapult launches 22 UK CRO partnerships including Domainex...more

28/03/2019   Domainex joint project identifies novel FLIP inhibitors...more
20/03/2019   Domainex and SpiroChem enter a fragment drug discovery partnership...more
07/03/2019   Domainex collaboration finds potential new treatment for heart attack...more

20/12/2018   Domainex article featured on the front cover of Molecular Pharmacology...more

20/12/2018   Domainex notes positive TBK1 inhibitor results for WEHI in Melbourne...more
20/12/2018   Results from Domainex and Oxford University collaboration published...more
08/10/2018   Positive results for Domainex patented TBK1 inhibitors in RA models...more
08/10/2018   Domainex and Oxford University published in Nature Communications...more
20/09/2018   Domainex appoints Dr Trevor Perrior as Chief Executive Officer...more
30/04/2018   Domainex ranked as the fastest growing drug discovery CRO in Europe...more
01/02/2018   Domainex appoints Dr Kevin Doyle as Head of Chemistry...more
23/01/2018   Domainex wins award to develop GPCR drug discovery technology...more

06/12/2017   Domainex appoints Chris Brown as Chief Financial Officer...more
12/09/2017   Domainex and Auspherix collaboration announces new data...more
14/06/2017   Domainex expands partnership with Imperial to reduce heart attack muscle damage...more
19/05/2017   Domainex Signs Multi-Year Agreement with Dotmatics to Streamline Services...more
30/03/2017   Domainex appoints Timo Veromaa as Executive Chairman...more
07/03/2017   Domainex launches FragmentBuilder screening service...more

15/12/2016   Domainex Invests in New Thermophoresis Technology to Advance Drug Discovery Services...more
17/11/2016   The New Domainex Medicines Research Centre is Opened by Sir Simon Campbell...more
12/09/2016   Chesterford Research Park Proves Ideal New Fome For Domainex...more
26/04/2016   Queen's University Belfast and Domainex Secure Wellcome Trust Funding...more
19/04/2016   Johnson Matthey and Domainex Team on API Discovery and Development...more
03/02/2016   Domainex Announces STAR Award Recipient...more
25/01/2016   Domainex and Cresset Announce Drug Discovery Services Alliance...more

15/12/2015   Domainex participate in new £3.4m EPSRC Programme...more
29/10/2015   Domainex Announces Move to New Research Building to Expand Its Service Business...more
20/10/2015   Domainex and Imperial College London announce a new partnership...more
07/10/2015   Domainex Plans Expansion into Japanese Drug Discovery Market...more
15/09/2015   Domainex and Auspherix announce expansion of their collaboration ...more
01/07/2015   Domainex Launches New BioassayBuilder Service...more
11/05/2015   Domainex announces the grant of US and European Patents...more
10/05/2015   Eddy Littler joins BioPartner Advisory Board...more
20/04/2015   Queen's University Belfast and Domainex Collaboration in Lung Cancer Drug Research...more
08/04/2015   Domainex expands with two new appointments...more
05/03/2015   Domainex PharmaTV Interview Released ...more

15/10/2014   Domainex and Auspherix Pty announce collaboration...more
09/07/2014   Domainex Reports Lead Compound Success and £1.4m Biomedical Catalyst Award...more
06/06/2014   Domainex - Disease-modifying treatment for COPD...more
07/04/2014   Domainex lab results show great promise for treatment of inflammatory diseases...more

05/11/2013   Domainex CSO wins prestigious CRUK Translational Research Award...more
17/04/2013   Interview with Keith Powell, Chairman of Domainex...more
14/02/2013   Domainex announce investment round to raise £1.5m of capital...more

05/11/2012   Domainex announce positive results from its TBK1/IKKe inhibitor program...more
06/08/2012   Domainex and Horizon announce collaboration...more
02/08/2012   Domainex successful in securing Biomedical Catalyst Feasibility Award...more
12/03/2012   UCB and Domainex collaboration provides valuable information on cancer drug target...more

01/11/2011   Domainex Awarded TSB Funding to Support Research into Novel Cancer Drug ...more
03/10/2011   Domainex in CEN Interview...more
08/03/2011   Domainex expansion ...more

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