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Abzena provides a suite of complementary services and technologies to R&D organisations to improve the chances of successful development of therapeutic proteins, antibodies and antibody drug conjugates. It is therefore poised to capitalise on the growth of the biopharmaceutical market.

The Group has significant know-how, supported by a broad patent estate, to enable it to create better biopharmaceuticals for its customers.

Abzena operates a balanced business model with growing revenues from its service business and the potential for significant future growth through royalty bearing licences for the application of its technologies to biopharmaceutical products. The Group's technologies and services are provided through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, PolyTherics, Antitope, PacificGMP and TCRS, The Chemical Research Company.

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News Archive

05/01/2018   Abzena takes on new facilities in Cambridge, UK and San Diego...more
04/01/2018   Abzena selects Sartorius Stedim Biotech as preferred equipment supplier in the U.S...more

28/11/2017   Abzena successfully secures over 25 chemistry and ADC service agreements...more
15/11/2017   Abzena partner Enleofen Bio features in ‘Nature’ article...more
03/11/2017   Abzena and UGA Biopharma Partner to Develop Biosimilar Cell Line...more
18/10/2017   Abzena begins installation of new 500 L bioreactor at San Diego facility...more
19/09/2017   Abzena appoints Lotta Ljungqvist as Non-Executive Director...more
18/07/2017   Abzena and Telix sign licence agreement for Abzena’s PSMA Antibodies...more
11/07/2017   Abzena plc signs agreement with OBI Pharma, Taiwanese biopharmaceutical company...more
13/06/2017   Abzena Full year results: integration and growth across the Group...more
06/06/2017   Abzena notes Bioverativ announcement to acquire True North Therapeutics including TNT009...more
26/04/2017   Abzena intends to invest £5 million at its Bristol PA facility...more
26/04/2017   Abzena intends to invest £12 million at its San Diego facilities...more
05/04/2017   Abzena plc to raise £25 million by a Placing to expand capacity...more
06/03/2017   ‘Abzena inside’ Composite Human Antibody™ product moves into Phase II trials...more
21/02/2017   Abzena plc has signed a manufacturing agreement with University College London (UC)...more
20/01/2017   Abzena signs new ThioBridge licence agreement...more

22/12/2016   Abzena signs licence agreement with Trieza Therapeutics, Inc...more
08/12/2016   Abzena half year results: Integrated services drive revenue growth...more
24/10/2016   Abzena Makes Two Senior International Business Appointments...more
13/09/2016   Abzena Announces Directorate Change...more
17/08/2016   From London Labs to Global Growth: The Abzena Story...more
28/07/2016   Faron And Abzena Enter Agreement For The Manufacture of Clevegen®...more
15/07/2016   Abzena plc Announces Formation of Joint Venture Company, Denceptor Therapeutics Ltd...more
14/06/2016   Abzena PLC Full Year Results Show Strong Outlook Within Growing Market...more
06/04/2016   Abzena and FairJouney Biologics form Alliance to Provide Antibody Services...more
15/03/2016   Antitope, PolyTherics, TCRS and PacificGMP to Trade As Abzena...more
25/01/2016   Abzena: Significant Licence Deal for ThioBridge...more
18/01/2016   Eurostars Grant Awarded to Abzena Company...more
04/01/2016   Abzena Publish on The Designation of Antibodies...more

11/12/2015   Abzena Completes Acquisition of TCRS...more
09/10-2015   Abzena: Adheron Therapeutics is Acquired By Roche...more
14/09/2015   Abzena's Acquisition of PacificGMP...more
24/07/2015   John Burt Provides Overview of Abzena in Studio Interview...more
19/05/2015   Abzena to Provide Analytical Support for Inhibitors in Haemophilia A Patients...more
09/04/2015   Clinical Development With Biopharmaceuticals Enabled by Abzena's Technology Started...more
10/03/2015   Abzena: Successful Manufacture of Enzyme Replacement Therapies Announced...more
02/03/2015   Abzena CEO On The Potential For Acquisitions and Profitability...more
13/02/2015   Abzena to Move to Imperial Building...more
12/01/2015   Antitope, INSERM and Baylor Institute to Collaborate...more

05/09/2014   Abzena CEO Interviewed For Pharma Television...more
04/08/2014   Abzena completes relocation to Babraham Research Campus UK...more
10/07/2014   First day of dealings on AIM...more
07/07/2014   Abzena raises £20 Million in connection with forthcoming admission to AIM...more
02/07/2014   Antitope announces collaboration with Synthon Biopharmaceuticals BV...more
16/06/2014   Abzena Announces Intention To Float...more
06/06/2014   Antitope and Baylor Institute for Immunology Research to Collaborate...more
28/05/2014   PolyTherics and Alpha Cancer Technologies Collaborate...more
23/05/2014   PolyTherics and Antitope form Abzena...more
11/04/2014   PolyTherics & MacroGenics extend Collaboration...more
10/03/2014   Antitope, a PolyTherics company, strengthens patent estate in Japan ...more
18/02/2014   PolyTherics strengthens Management Team...more

10/12/2013   Antitope, a PolyTherics company, announces research agreement with Annexon...more
15/10/2013   PolyTherics and TUBE Pharma GmbH announce collaboration...more
09/09/2013   PolyTherics appoints Julian Smith as Chief Financial Officer...more
26/07/2013   PolyTherics announces merger with Antitope...more
17/04/2013   PolyTherics participates in BIO 2013 roundtable...more
07/03/2013   Polytherics TheraPEG-Factor VIII milestone received...more
31/01/2013   PolyTherics Expands London Operations...more

23/10/2012   Biotecnol and PolyTherics enter into a Research Collaboration ...more
15/10/2012   PolyTherics expands collaboration with a top five pharmaceutical company ...more
11/09/2012   Pro Bono Bio licences TheraPEG™ technology from PolyTherics and exercices option ...more
20/08/2012   Polytherics appoints new Head of Business Development...more
18/06/2012   PolyTherics granted further patents for TheraPEG™ and GlycoPol™...more
29/05/2012   Polytherics extends agreement with Pro Bono Bio ...more
02/04/2012   Polytherics announces research collaboration with Spirogen ...more

13/12/2011   Nuron to licence Polytherics' TheraPEG...more
09/06/2011   PolyTherics granted a further patent for TheraPEG ...more
16/05/2011   Keith Powell hands over to John Burt to lead PolyTherics ...more
05/04/2011   PolyTherics and Critical Pharmaceuticals drug development collaboration with TSB funding ...more
01/03/2011   PolyTherics new premises opened by David Willetts ...more

John Burt on Pharma Television Link to PharmaTV interview

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